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This means that it is not enough to say that two objects are similar or different. Instead, you should clarify how exactly they differ or compare. With this in mind, the thesis should specify objects under comparison. Make a point of significance by presenting supporting ideas, which clarify the exact features making them similar or different. At this point, you should apply information accumulated during brainstorming. For instance, comparison essay outline demands you to provide an explanation of similarities. When it comes to formatting of body paragraphs, there are two distinct methods of organization of ideas: Point-By-Point Arrangement and Block Arrangement.

It is important to make a choice, strictly adhere to only one of these methods.

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If you write long essays, want readers follow your ideas easily, or need to compare objects that have many similarities or differences, we suggest you consider Point-By-Point Arrangement. This organization pattern suggests paragraph by paragraph analysis of particular features of both objects under concern, which is easy to follow. Point-by-Point Arrangement compare and contrast paragraphs has the following structure:. In case of a standard five-paragraph essay, it is enough to include three paragraphs like in our outline.

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Otherwise, the number of paragraphs can vary depending on the complexity of the topic. It is better to adhere to Block Arrangement , when your comparison and contrast essay is brief or compared objects are challenging to analyze. This organization pattern suggests you should analyze all chosen features. Obviously, in context of lengthy paper, this pattern would be challenging to follow.

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But when the text is short, this organization method may be relevant. No matter the pattern of arrangement, we recommend you to start each compare and contrast paragraph with a topic sentence. It should briefly explain the content of the whole paragraph, also include them in outline. Professors of the US colleges are quite demanding in this respect, and failure to include strong topics can result in significant deduction of points. For an outline, it is enough to restate a thesis statement for a conclusion. But we recommend you to expand the conclusion, when using the outline to write a compare and contrast essay.

It should not only repeat your thesis in other words, but also discuss the significance of the outcomes of your comparative or contrasting analysis. In order to make a compare and contrast outline and eventually future essay perfect, it is sound to ensure that there are proper transitions between ideas and that each idea has signal words that introduce the point of either comparison or contrast. Here are signal words you should use in a comparison essay : similarly, too, just as, also, both, comparatively, same as, as well as, like, in the same way. The usage of these words clarifies the links between the analyzed objects, making them seem either similar or different.

You should mind that in case of a block pattern of arrangement of compare and contrast paragraphs, majority of signal words will be presented in the paragraph that discusses the second object. Be sure to include many of the mentioned linking words in the second paragraph, because otherwise, you risk to summarize the features of objects instead of comparing and contrasting them. Feature 1: Improvement of health needs factual support like cited evidence from sources.

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Extended Essay Skeleton Outline Template

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