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Thus, the status of the papers after the PhD evaluation is not included in the dissertation score presented in this article. An article-based dissertation is evaluated not only on the enclosed articles, but also on the text the frame that bind the articles together.

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Also, herein there seems to be different practices—e. The overall purpose with the dissertation score is to propose a measure to be used for discussing the scope and content-type of a PhD dissertation. What is enough? And how much of a dissertation can be co-authored with others? Is one dissertation better than another because it includes articles that are published? It is our experience that there are differences in what is needed in an article-based dissertation both within a department at a research institution and between research institutions.

The present dissertation score can help in discussing what is needed and also in developing department guidelines.


The proposed overall dissertation score formula is not without limitations. First, the division of types of articles and their scores is subjective. The peer-reviewed journal category, for example, can be further divided into different scores by following specific journal ranking lists. Second, the scores for various numbers of authors and their author order position in the proposed authorship factor calculation are also subjective and can be altered.

The order of authors of a paper does not necessarily display the true workload of different authors. The order of authors can be organized using different principles such as a simple alphabetical listing, organized after seniority experience ; listing the person first who got the idea to the article as the first author; or listing PhD students first because they need the credit more than their senior co-authors. Third, the dissertation score does not include a time perspective i.

Fourth, the dissertation score does not take into consideration the extent of thesis frame the text accompanying the articles such as scoping, positioning, methods, philosophy of science, contribution and implications.

Fifth, the score of author order position decreases based on the position; this may not reflect the actual work load. In summary, as with any measures in general, this overall dissertation score also has its own shortcomings and these are important to be considered to ensure the practical use of the score.

After journal papers, conference papers and non-published papers are the second most typical types that are included in article-based dissertations.

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Average dissertation scores divided by research institution. In contrast, eight out of the 24 dissertations holding six articles are composed of 4—6 peer-reviewed journal articles. The dissertation score is here suggested as an instrument that can be used in discussions on what is required to earn the degree of PhD at the specific research institutions and, through benchmarks, facilitate alignment processes if needed.

With the limitations in mind, a PhD student can discuss with her or his advisor s as of what type of articles are required; whether co-authored articles with advisors or other senior researchers or PhD students can be included; and how a PhD student documents her or his contribution in each article if they are co-authored.

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The dissertation score can also stimulate further discussions on what should be included in the binder of the dissertation—e. Cloud technology Although there is a focus on maximizing the effectiveness of shared resources [ 5 ], the increased availability of high-capacity network, low-cost computers and storage devices as well as the widespread adoption of hardware virtualization, service-oriented architecture, and autonomic and utility computing have led to a growth in the use of cloud technology.

In spite of its increased importance, it is distinct that this subject has not received more attention in the dissertations reviewed. Globalization of SC As mentioned previously, this topic was still largely ignored in the dissertation reviewed. With the natural outcome of expanding growing market and sustaining competitive advantage, companies have to make key decisions about managing costs and complexity through globalized supply chain see, e. Supply chain innovation SCI The discipline of innovations has branched out into the supply chain context and should be regarded as an important topic.

While firms are applying their assets, operating resources and capabilities to develop new ways of improve performance, they cannot ignore the importance of their supply chain partners in enabling product and process innovations see, e. Accordingly, more attention needs to be paid to this topic. Yet, this topic has only received limited attention among the dissertations published between and Security is increasingly becoming a major concern to both private and public sector organizations. Security searches for cooperative arrangements between businesses as well as identifies risks before the goods move.

It is also concerned with controlling theft and reducing illegal import and export of stolen goods. There are many areas of research within the topic of security from formal aspects to empirical research see, e. Hence, it is essential that researchers start focusing on the different aspects of this topic in the future.

This is one of the key topics of research within supply chain now as well as in the distant future. Big data This is currently drowning the world. The huge amount of data is an invaluable asset in the context of supply chains. The quality of the evidence extracted significantly benefits from the availability of broad datasets. On the one hand, extensive vision is more promising when extra data are available.

And, on the other hand, it is a big challenge. The current approach is not appropriate to handle large data, and therefore, there is a need for new solutions to handle large datasets. This research field is new and rapidly evolving [ 38 ], and there is also a lead-time issue before we see the first dissertations within this area.

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As a result, any initial effort taken will be a strong contribution from both experimental and theoretical perspective see, e. This paper has set out to analyze the development of Nordic doctoral dissertations in logistics and SCM from the years — The paper identified dissertations relevant for review; out of this, dissertations were reviewed in depth based on different criteria.

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Compared with previous studies, this research found several important developments in Nordic doctoral research. First, there has been an increase in the average annual number of finalized dissertations when compared to previous Nordic studies. The results predominantly show the remarkable increase in dissertations between and dissertations wherein Sweden ranks highest followed by Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland, respectively. Second, there has been a decrease in dissertations that focus on classical entities of analysis such as carriers, wholesalers, retailers and inventories.

Fourth, the number of dissertations containing philosophy of science discussions is continuing to decline.

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However, this piece of research has demonstrated that the content of the Nordic article-based dissertations varies along dimensions such as types of articles included, the number of articles included and the number of co-authors at the papers. A dissertation score has been suggested as a measure for initiating discussions about such dissertations at a single research institution and as a benchmark between different institutions.

As discussed earlier, such a score is not without limitations and must not stand alone. Therefore, the next logical step might be to discuss how far should we go with the number and the type of contributions. What is enough in order to earn a PhD degree? The content of this paper can be used to match the expectations of PhD students and their supervisors so as to find the right path to learn the craft of conducting and disseminating logistics and SCM research.

Skip to main content Skip to sections. Advertisement Hide. Download PDF. Logistics Research December , Cite as. Doctoral dissertations in logistics and supply chain management: a review of Nordic contributions from to Open Access. First Online: 14 March These efforts provide PhD students, other academic staff as well as practitioners with an overview of what has been researched within the logistics and SCM area. These studies have also facilitated the comparison of Nordic dissertations themes to those in the USA e.

Prior research has demonstrated that much confusion exists concerning SCM definitions and its overlap with logistics [ 32 ]. The purpose of this paper is to document the progress of doctoral work in logistics and SCM within the Nordic countries between and In all, relevant dissertations were identified; however, we were unable to retrieve eight dissertations either in physical form or electronically; therefore, only dissertations were reviewed.

With a point of departure within the dimensions and classified categories of these two above-mentioned reviews, this paper provides two analyses: 1. Compared with the earlier studies, these new figures show some interesting developments. First, the number of finalized dissertations in the period — is , which represents an average of 26 dissertations per year. Compared with averages numbers of 10 from the period — and 6. A similar pattern is identified by Nakhata et al. They explain that one reason for such an increase might be an increased level of retiring academicians toward which creates a stronger market for Assistant Professors.

Another explanation could be that there is a drive from the governments to boost the number of annual PhD production in order to support national social, economic and environmental well-being as well as to address major global challenges [ 12 ]. In Denmark, the production is stable with 17 dissertations in the period of — Iceland has reported their first PhD in this period of analysis.