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It details the horrors of the war in China. Up until this point, Suyuan never told Jing-Mei the true ending of the story. Answer the following questions attached to this message in complete sentences on a piece of loose leaf. Also, review "The All-American slurp" because there will be some questions based on the text on our test tomorrow. I've attached the link to a PDF version of the story in case you're having difficulty locating your copy. Homework Reminder : Tonight you will use your vocabulary words to come up with 1 synonyms and 1 antonyms for at least 5 of your vocabulary words.

You may write 5 words and use both synonyms and antonyms for those words, but you are not required to write more than Then write a reflection paragraph on the video clip from The Joy Luck Club. Describe two types of internal conflicts conflicts occurring within someone's mind that Waverly OR her mother, Lindo, may have had during the scene. Then describe at least one type of external conflict conflict occurring between the person and an outside source like another character or inevitable forces of nature.

For whom do you feel more sympathy? Waverly or her mother? Consider our discussion on assimilation, and how difficult it could be to give up your native culture. Attached you will find the handout for the A Raisin in the Sun paper. The essay states that it should be at least 5 paragraphs this is the absolute minimum amount for you to write a thorough essay, your essay should be roughly about 8 paragraphs long. Attached you will find a word file that explains the works cited page and MLA format.

I also provided the link for the Purdue OWL website. You should bookmark this page to use as a reference for all papers for my class. You can navigate the website by choosing topics on the left hand side of the page such as: in-text citations quotes and works cited pages.

I hope you and your families have a happy and blessed Easter vacation! Just in case anyone misplaced their vocabulary list for the test tomorrow, I attached a copy of the list gave you here:.

You may upload the homework to the website or submit a hard copy. To review for your quiz tomorrow, review the poems: "Dream Variations" by Langston Hughes on pg. Attached to this message you will find the powerpoint about the Harlem Renaissance, the poetic elements, and two videos that are focused on Lorraine Hansberry and the Harlem Renaissance. With each of the poems, make sure that you are able to identify the poetic elements and provide examples that support your answer. Also, be sure to review the first two Acts of A Raisin in the Sun up until the part when Asagai leaves.

Quite a few of your failed to turn in your "Harlem Renaissance Poetry Questions. Also, I gave the opportunity to resubmit the assignment for those of you who did complete it but know it was not completed correctly. Currently, NO student has taken advantage of resubmitting the assignment. As many of you know, when I went over the poems and my expectations in class, many of you said you wanted to redo the assignment because you did not think you would receive a good grade on it Think of these tips to help you redo your assignment.

I strongly advise many of you to take another look at these four poems and at the assignment to ensure you completed it to the best of your abilities. Attached you will find the homework that is due tomorrow.

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This homework will be collected and graded. In order for you to receive full credit for the assignment, you MUST answer each question fully and completely follow the directions. Please email me if you have any questions. You will also find the "Intro to Poetry PowerPoint" presentation attached to this.

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You should save this to your computer so you can use this to study for future exams! Attached you will find the "Humans of Barnabas" assignment that is due on Friday, Feb. If you have any questions, please make sure you address them in class tomorrow. Attached you will find: the midterm review sheet, a list of the vocabulary words for the midterm, the words and definitions from the unit 1 vocabulary, and a review sheet I gave you before our first unit test; you should still have this review sheet with the answers on it we went over it in class back at the end of September.

I have also enclosed a word document entitled "11 unit 1, lesson 1," which contains class notes about early American literature. Please review these files in addition to studying from your text book. If you have any questions, you can email me or bring them to my attention tomorrow.

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Complete the following questions on "The Chaser" on a separate sheet of loose leaf. You will also find a copy of "The Chaser" on the website in case you lost the original copy that was given to you in class. Attached you will find the Christmas break assignment for The Crucible. Email me if you have any concerns or issues with the project. Attached you will find the homework for tonight. It WILL be collected tomorrow, so make sure you bring the answers to the questions to class.

You can either hand write or type this assignment.

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Attached you will find questions related to the test tomorrow. Attached you will find the directions for the double-entry journal quote assignment, the graphic organizer template in case you need another one , and the example I provided you with on Tuesday. Make sure that you have at least sentences written for every prompt. An-mei Hsu remembers watching her mother scar her own flesh, cutting a piece out of her arm to make a curative soup for An-mei's grandmother. Lindo Jong describes how she used superstition to escape her arranged marriage to a sour, spoiled boy and his controlling mother while preserving her family's honor.

Ying-ying St.

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Clair explains how, when she was a little girl, she got separated from her family at the Moon Festival and found actors performing the story of the Moon Lady. When she went to tell the Moon Lady her secret wish, she found out that the person was really just a man in makeup. Though she grew up with many privileges, Ying-Ying learned early on that women are expected to keep their hopes and desires to themselves--secondary to men's.

Waverly Jong remembers how she became a national chess champion--but then publicly humiliated Lindo by yelling at her to stop showing her off. Lena St. Clair recalls wishing she could bring Ying-ying back from the deathlike depression into which she sank after a miscarriage. Rose Hsu Jordan explains that despite the fact that her little brother Bing drowned as a child, An-mei still waits patiently for his return.

Jing-mei remembers how Suyuan tried to turn her into a Chinese Shirley Temple and piano prodigy. After failing, she simultaneously triumphed over and wounded Suyuan by telling her she wished she were dead like the babies Suyuan abandoned in China. In the third section, "American Translation," the daughters tell current stories about their mothers. Lena is afraid Ying-ying will see how her marriage is crumbling--since the woman has always been able to predict disaster--which she does.

Rose Hsu Jordan receives divorce papers from Ted Jordan ; she realizes that while her mother may not approve of divorce, she wants Rose to be strong and free like the wild overgrowth in her garden. Jing-mei recalls that Suyuan gave her a jade pendant the night that she finally let Jing-mei know how proud she was of her for being herself. In the fourth section, "Queen Mother of the Western Skies," the mothers tell current stories about their daughters, and Jing-mei finally visits China. An-mei wants Rose to stand up for herself in her relationship with Ted just as An-mei stood up to First Wife after her own mother's suicide. In the same vein, Ying-ying wants Lena to fulfill her legacy by standing up to Harold, because she let her own spirit fade away when she got married. At the hair salon, Lindo acknowledges that Waverly is ashamed of her, but when they look in the mirror, neither can deny how much they are alike.

The novel ends with Jing-mei and her sisters in China, all marveling at how they look like Suyuan. Each mother-daughter pair struggles with cultural and generational differences. The daughters tend to see their mothers as old-fashioned, overbearing, out-of-touch, and even threatening. In turn, the mothers are exasperated over their daughters' lack of understanding of Chinese culture, attitudes towards men, and satisfaction in "unglamorous" jobs.

It is in moments of conflict with one another and with others that each mother or daughter realizes the validity of the other's perspective. To some extent, they are able to step into one another's skins. The climax of the novel comes when Jing-mei travels to China for the first time to meet her long-lost sisters.