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Skip to main content. Search this Section. Open to Organizations. Expected output Curriculum;. Period of performance One to three years. Application available April 24, Application due June 25, Project start date February 1, Contact the Division of Education Programs Team. Apart from rice, dal, vegetables and oil, the government also provides eggs two days in a week to all children.

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Education officials decided that providing residential schools targeting tribal students is necessary, as they were found to be lagging behind other communities despite continuous efforts by the government. The enormous response to residential schools for jhumia children has convinced the Tripura government to open more such schools in the state. It has provided Rs. The Educational Department has also given financial grant in lieu of textbooks to the students of Class IX and higher.

At the higher education level, the department provides Rs. The government also has scheme of sponsoring tribal students in schools of excellence, outside the state. Altogether 69 students have received sponsorships to pursue higher education.

A Study On Eklavya Model Residential Schools (Emrs) In Tribal Education

To make learning process more accessible, the education department has specially designed a seven month long tutorial guidance in every academic year, for tribal students, studying in classes between VI and X. The tutors are inducted from among unemployed youth.

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The gender gap in pedalling.

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Their contribution in agriculture and allied sectors has increased considerably, and thus, the occupational pattern of tribal women has shifted from pastoralists to agricultural labourers. This economic participation does have a role in maintaining the status of tribal women in their society and their enjoyment of high esteem. Malbika Das Gupta deals with the institution of bride price among the tribal groups of Tripura , treating the prevalence of this custom as an indicator of the high status enjoyed by tribal women in the state. However, it is not merely the continuing economic and non-economic value of women of their upkeep which explains the prevalence of bride price among the tribal peoples of Tripura.

Demographic and sociological factors are of equal importance in explaining this phenomenon. Thus, the status of women in tribal society is determined by causes related to the economic functions of women.

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The authors are of the opinion that malnourishment in the girl's childhood leads to stunted growth among women in their adulthood, particularly deformity of the pelvic girdle, which may be responsible for the mal-development of the fetus and has been scientifically established through experiments on X-ray pelvimetry. Such results are found from tribal women of Tripura.

However, this is found with non-tribal counterparts as well and must not be related with the status of tribal women. In the chapter on Adding gender dimension to tribal studies , the author R. Bhattacharjee remarks that conventional concepts among social scientists, especially economists, have always led to under-assessment of the useful work done by women.

It is known that the very exclusion of domestic work from the purview of national income has created a great gap in the estimation of the contribution of women to an economy.

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Furthermore, it is aptly underlined that the status of women in tribal societies is much better than that of women in non-tribal societies so far as the gender equation is concerned. The Status of tribal women in economy of Tripura is discussed by J. The women are becoming more and more involved in the decision-making process.

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They show better appreciation of the need for conservation of forests and water resources, since they are more directly concerned with the collection of firewood and other minor forest products, as well as fetching water for meeting daily needs. The women are pragmatic, hardworking and even forward-looking.

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It is a fact that no village development plan can be prepared and implemented without the active involvement of the women. Overall, this book is a valuable resource for general students of pastoralism and especially for academic researchers in this field.