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One of the great things about WordPress is that you can extend the functionality in almost any way you can think of with WordPress Plug-ins.

Genesis Framework vs Thesis Theme – Best WordPress Theme

But if you rely on too many plug-ins, performance of your site can suffer. Part of the design philosophy of Thesis is to make the theme as lightweight as possible. As a result, some of the capabilities that you would normally use plug-ins for are built into the theme. For example, the Thesis Options panel has a field for your Google Analytics code, so all you have to do is paste it in there instead of using a plug-in Google-Analytics-For-WordPress plugin or editing your footer. But the next version promises to solve this too. The Custom Hooks architecture of Thesis provides a sort of API that allows you to add to, subtract from or modify the functionality of your Thesis installation.

See this very cool diagram from Kristarella that shows you all the places you can customize with hooks. The hooks approach is really killer. In addition to the Options panel , Thesis provides a Design Options panel that allows you to quickly change the number of columns, widths, fonts and font sizes. This gives your website dynamically re sizable layout that you can change instantly. Want to change the font or font size of your entire site?

This panel make it a piece of cake.

Ok, so which is best for you?

This is a little thing, but I use it all the time. Thesis provides some CSS classes that you can use in your posts and pages to make your content easier for your readers to scan. Here are a few examples:. This means that all of your customizations live in one place, and when you upgrade to a newer version of Thesis, all you have to do is copy this directory over and you are in business. When you buy Thesis, you get access to a reasonable set of documentation and a great support forum that is frequented by some super knowledgeable and super nice people — KingdomGeek and Kristarella are prolific contributors both in the forums and on their own blogs.

Thesis is continuously being upgraded.

Chris Pearson of DIY Themes creator of Thesis and FOCUS

Support for WordPress 2. And the next version of Thesis — 1. This is right in the price range of most premium themes, but is way more comprehensive. It has saved me countless hours and was well worth the money. What about you? Are you using Thesis, or is there another theme that you like? If you are looking for a great WordPress theme, what are you waiting for? Get Thesis. Tagged as: thesis theme , wordpress themes.

Don is an entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley. See my disclosure about advertising and affiliate links. I just found this nice full size screen shot of the Thesis Options panel. Just keep in mind that the options panel screenshot on my Flickr account is of a dev.

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Right — I should have mentioned it is for the upcoming Thesis 1. We certainly love Thesis at DIYninjas too. Instead it will be a full-functioning site with a blog as one part of it. Craig, kerre — I have not used Woo Themes but have heard good things about them. I took at look at the VibrantCMS demo site and it looks like a well designed theme.

Here are a few considerations: 1 One of the things I really like about Thesis is that the Options panel is very comprehensive. You can change so much about the theme, including design, layout, font size, SEO, and many other things easily in this options panel. Depending on the customizations you want to do this might be some thing to think about.

I hope this is helpful. Feel free to leave another comment here or contact me if you have more questions about this. I am a newbie when it comes to Wordpress, templates, hosting…. Do you think that this route is a good choice or too advanced for a newbie like myself? Do you have any suggestions on the route I might take? It looks nice. If you are new to WordPress, I would recommend downloading some of the free themes that are available, and experimenting with them to learn WordPress. Once you have a specific website in mind, then choose from one of the premium themes that will do most of what you want out of the box.

Well, there are two things you could do with the Thesis theme to make it look good on mobile devices.

WordPress vs. Thesis -

Great post about Thesis and Wordpress — wish I had found it about 2 weeks ago! I was considering Thesis for my site, but decided against it because of one thing. It is huge. A typical post page with just text can weigh in at kb. That is just to much. Is there a way to trim it down so it can be streamlined and faster?

John, not sure where you got the impression about page size being huge. A typical page on my new Payments Views site is about 30K. I just clicke d on one of the recent posts. That is a small post with one main image in it. You can see where I would get the impression that the theme has a little on the heavy side.

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The main difference is the scripts, with the largest one being a jquery script. So the question I have then is what functionality did you lose by removing the jquery Javascript library? As for the scripts, on my Payments Views page neither jquery or mint are loaded — while they are loaded on the diythemes page. Also, it looks like the jquery site provides a gzipped production version of the script which reduces its size from kb to 19kb — a 10x reduction! John, Scott — I think the jquery on the diythemes site is for the slide-down login box that they have along the top of the page screenshot here.

Still have some tweaks to do on the CSS, but I was up and running to the point it is now after about 5 hours hands-on, most of that playing with the CSS, which was largely cosmetic. Thanks Daniel — your site looks great! It was time to investigate Thesis 2 and try it out for a real site. I used Thesis 2. I see they have released 2. If you are already using Thesis 1. You will have to recreate your design using the 2. First let me make a list of what Thesis 2 claims as its strengths and features.

Then I will put down my opinion of its claims. I do not see any short-comings in these, but I do not see any new ground being broken here either. When I saw the touted features I was quite excited. It seemed like it was finally catching up with some of the true drag-and-drop frameworks out there.

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  8. Indeed, it was being marketed as the being revolutionary. And I wanted it to live up to its promises. The description on their main landing page was promising. I thought this could be a true base for many of my new projects going forward — as it appeared to provide tremendous flexibility in creating custom templates. While it does provide this flexibility — my assessment is that the cost in terms of complexity is too high. It does not shield you from needing to have some WordPress knowledge eg. At least not in its current form.

    So, in my opinion, it does not have any of the advantages that a UI-based interface should have, while having the disadvantages of a UI-driven interface i. I should note that I tried the current version 2. Based on their marketing blog, it appears they expect non-developers to use the template editor.

    Evidence for this observation lies in several implied claims of not requiring an understanding of PHP, CSS or WordPress internals to be able to use the editor and create your own layouts. I am willing to bet that a non-developer is going to have a tough time understanding how this template works and why it is constructed this way. Sure it can be created using a drag-and-drop interface. But you have to know which boxes to drag and where to drop them.

    I see theme developers creating themes at this level of detail — and most of them will do it faster by creating the underlying PHP files it takes a lot of time to drag and drop boxes, expand them, then open their option pop-ups and enter options in UI fields. Ok, so the components can be reused to some extent — but there is still a proliferation of boxes — see screenshot above.

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    If you have a font-color that you want to use in several different CSS rules, you can create a variable once to hold the color value and use the variable in multiple rules — instead of repeating the color value itself in multiple rules. Later if you decide to change the color value, you can change it in one place and have it reflected everywhere. It would have been a lot more elegant if Thesis had integrated one of these into the framework the way other frameworks have managed to do e. This is an example of how Thesis 2 misses the mark on Target Profile or targets the wrong profile. You can reference the aforementioned CSS variables in these packages.