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Dozen Process Cycle time start time end time 1 Washing ; Mixing 6 0 6 1 Spooning 2 6 8 1 Oven set up 1 8 9 1 Bake cookies oven 1 9 9 18 2 Spooning 2 8 10 2 Oven 2 set up 1 10 11 Bake cookies oven 2 9 11 20 1 Cool cookies 5 18 23 1 Pack cookies 2 23 25 2 Cool cookies 5 20 25 2 Pack cookies 2 25 27 Accept payment 1 27 28 Similarly for 3 dozens the time reduces to 36 mins which is 10 mins less than the previous time Dozen Process Cycle time start time end time 1 Washing ; Mixing 6 0 6 1 Spooning 2 6 8 1 Oven set up 1 8 9 1 Bake cookies oven 1 9 9 18 2 Spooning 2 8 10 2 Oven 2 set up 1 10 11 2 Bake cookies oven 2 9 11 20 1 Cool cookies 5 18 23 1 Pack cookies 2 23 25 Cool cookies 5 20 25 2 Pack cookies 2 25 27 3 Spooning 2 10 12 3 Oven 1set up 1 18 19 3 Bake cookies oven 1 9 19 28 3 Cool cookies 5 28 33 3 Pack cookies 2 33 35 Accept payment 1 35 36 Further number 4 dozens will just take 38 minutes.

So in terms of costing we can pay that much for the oven per day which is less than or equal to profit on dozens of cookies that can be made in 4 hours assuming the business is run for 4 hours only. Ans — We have assumed that there is only 1 tray ; the order for 2nd dozen is of the same variety as the 1st dozen. Activity Cycle Time Start Time End time Order Entry 0 minute Washing ; mixing 6 minutes Spooning Dozen 1 2 minutes Oven set up Dozen 1 1 minute Bake cookies Dozen 1 9 minutes Remove cookies Dozen 1 0 minute Cool cookies Dozen 1 5 minutes Pack cookies Dozen 1 2 minutes Spooning Dozen 2 2 minutes Oven set up Dozen 2 1 minute Bake cookies Dozen 2 9 minutes Remove cookies Dozen 2 0 minute Cool cookies Dozen 2 5 minutes Pack cookies Dozen 2 2 minutes Accept payment 1 minute So we can see that total time required for preparing 2 dozens has increased if all the activities have to be done by me only.

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Can you fill the priority order while still fulfilling the order for the cookies that are already in the oven? If not, how much of a premium should you charge for filling the rush order? By the time the current order cookies are baked in oven, the washing, mixing and spooning operations can be performed for priority order. Post which, there will be an idle time of up to 1 minute for priority order before the oven setup and baking process starts. By the time the priority order cookies are baked in oven, the previous order will be ready.

How can you look quickly at you order board list of pending orders and tells a caller when his or her order will be ready? How much of a safety margin for timing should you allow? This is because if an order received during baking or post baking process, would not need that operation to be stopped intermittently. Thus the maximum margin should be 8 minutes for normal orders in such cases. So previous order would be delayed by a maximum of 8 minutes. If you decide to sell standard cookies instead, how should you change the production system?

The order-taking process? In baking, the preparation is getting all of your ingredients, the next step is mixing them together, and after just a dash more sugar, you have a delicious dessert. But, as both bakers and writers know, anything can go wrong during this process because it is a learning experience.

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My first recipe to master was one for a literacy narrative. In the end, I had a B dessert. Before I started, I had to decide what I would make for my literacy narrative, so I did a free write. I decided to make chocolate chip cookie bars because I ate those as a young girl, which is when I first realized how important writing was to me. I mixed all of my ingredients together, and in the end, I had delicious cookie bars.

But they were not chocolate chip. My professor told me that although I had written a great story, it was lacking how writing had influenced me, which was the point of the assignment. I tried once more to make chocolate chip cookie bars. This time, they had chocolate chips, but there were not enough. You could only taste chocolate chips in certain bites.

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During my free write, I should have focused less on story details and spent more time developing what the point of my story was because when I first started writing my paper, I was already lacking substance. I was proud that I had made delectable cookie bars, but I had not mastered the art of chocolate chips. My second recipe to learn was one for a rhetorical analysis. The purpose of this assignment was to analyze an article or a visual work and make an argument about what we had read or seen. Before I started, I made an outline to help me brainstorm what to make.

I decided to make vodka lemon meringue layer cake. I chose a print advertisement for Skyy vodka. I argued that the advertisement portrayed women as submissive to men and women as sex objects and that it supported the gender roles practiced in the United States. For this assignment, we were required to have a professional chef taste a sample of our dessert in order to give us feedback.

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They are even used in advertising campaigns for corporations. Even though popular belief says otherwise, modern fortune cookies are as American as baseball and apple pie. For more print resources Search on "baked products," "baking," "Chinese restaurants," "Chinese American social life and customs," "cookery Chinese," "cookery Japanese," "food in popular culture," "food habits," "fortune cookies," "Japanese Americans social life and customs," in the Library of Congress Online Catalog.

A fortune cookie. Photo courtesy of Colin Robertson.

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Fortune cookies, wrapped and ready to go! Photo courtesy of Steven G. A fortune cookie broken open to reveal the message. Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Company.

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Photo courtesy of biskuit. Close up of the finished cookies. New Year's feast. Chinatown , New York City Jan. Japanese woodcut print showing several women and a waitress in the Miyamoto shop. How do fortunes get inside of fortune cookies? The cookies are baked as flat circles.

After they are removed from the oven, slips of paper are folded inside while the cookies are still warm and flexible. As the fortune cookies cool, they harden into shape. Related Web Sites. The fortune cookie chronicles: Adventures in the world of Chinese food - Author Jennifer 8 Lee discusses Chinese food in America, including the history of fortune cookies at a lecture given in the Library of Congress on March 17, How to make a fortune cookie: 10 steps - This wiki provides step by step instructions on how to make a fortune cookie, along with pictures and helpful tips.

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