Retrolisthesis and physical therapy

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Retrolisthesis Treatment eHow Retrolisthesis Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, ICD 9, 10 Literature review on water pollution Retrolisthesis: Symptoms, Treatment, and More vitamin and mineral supplements are also encouraged, as those with retrolisthesis have soft tissue damage that nutrients can help repair. Family therapy term papers. Retrolisthesis: Symptoms, Treatment, and More.

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Term paper on consumer behavior. Doctors do not usually consider surgery as a treatment option. Surgery is usually only performed to treat retrolisthesis as a last resort if the other non-surgical methods are not working.

If diagnosis happens early, the slippage can be stabilized, but without treatment, it can get worse and lead to complications. Untreated it can lead to cervical spondylotic myelopathy CSM , or spinal cord compression, especially in those aged over 50 years. As the nerves become compressed, there may be :.

A person with retrolisthesis should talk to their doctor about ways to improve their nutritional intake. Eating nutrient-rich foods can help the body heal naturally over time and promote bone and joint health. Some nutrients and foods to include in a diet include:. In conjunction with dietary changes, a person could consider an exercise routine that may help with recovery. Exercising will improve a person's flexibility, mobility, and strength and help reduce pain from the slipped disc.

Retrolisthesis: What you need to know

Some common exercises that may help include:. Diet and exercise have an additional benefit.

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For people who are overweight or heavier, both exercise and diet can help reduce excess weight. The reduced weight will help alleviate some of the pain as there is less strain put on the back and neck. Retrolisthesis is not always preventable. For example, a person may experience an injury that causes the back to slip out of alignment.

For others, retrolisthesis may be caused by genetic factors. People can prevent retrolisthesis from occurring by taking proper care of their back with regular exercise, a balanced diet, and avoiding activities that may cause injuries. People diagnosed with retrolisthesis often make a full recovery after following the treatment plan put in place by their doctor.

Sometimes, surgery may be required to help the person heal. Spinal stenosis occurs when compression in the spine causes pain, numbness, and weakness, usually in the legs.


Learn more about the causes, symptoms…. The bones in the back have sponge-like discs between them. Fusion surgery is performed to confer stability to the spine. Switch to Accessibility Site.

4 Exercises for Retrolisthesis

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